Secondary Education

By means of observation and participation, the Secondary Education activities will help students to take a closer look at the concepts and languages of fashion.

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Secondary Education

Customize and recicle

This activity is intended to raise children’s awareness of the need to adapt our lifestyles and development to nature. They are encouraged to consider sustainable practices in fashion. In the workshop they create garments from recycled textiles, using simple customisation methods. 

1st and 2nd year Secondary Education.
Tour of the exhibition and workshop
120 '

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Secondary Education

En movimiento

Esta actividad propone una aproximación a las estáticas obras expuestas en el museo a través de la danza y la expresión corporal. Dos bailarines acompañarán al alumnado participante en un viaje danzado único para habitar el museo en movimiento. 

Visita a la exposición y talleR

Del plano al volumen

Secondary Education

From plane to volume

The activity is intended to teach some of the concepts of form and geometry to be found in Balenciaga’s creations. The children create different geometric figures on a two-dimensional pattern and then resolve simple problems to obtain three-dimensional pieces that fit the human body.  

Activity designed in collaboration with La Casa del Vacío 

1st and 2nd courses Secondary Education 
Tour of the exhibition and workshop


La moda, una máquina del tiempo

Secondary Education

Fashion, a time machine

The central theme of this activity is the way in which customs and fashions in clothes have developed. Students analyse transformations in clothing and the relationship between those changes and certain historical, economic and social developments. They look at some of similarities and differences between women’s clothes in the past and present and then create their own designs in the workshop.

3rd and 4th year Secondary Education
Tour of the exhibition and workshop
120 ' 


Secondary Education

Fashion and Creative Electronics

This workshop on technology applied to fashion is offered as a basic introduction to electronics. Participants will learn how to build a circuit, will experiment with new materials and will explore the creative potential offered by the integration of electronics in textiles.

Activity designed in collaboration with Paola Guimerans

3rd and 4th year Secondary Education.
Tour of the exhibition and workshop.
135 '