Making sure everyone has access to the services and activities that the Museum offers is one of this institution's primary objectives. For that purpose, we offer specific resources, adapted services and spaces available for people with wide-ranging needs.

Interior spaces without architectural barriers / Rest rooms adapted for wheelchair users / Wheelchairs and walking sticks with seats are available at reception / Tactile resources / Multimedia guides


Reduced admission

People with functional diversity can benefit from a discount of 30% on the corresponding price. If the assistance of an accompanying person is essential for the visit, said person may enter the Museum free of charge.

Priority access

To avoid waiting times as far as possible, people with functional diversity have priority access to the building and to the reception desk.

Guide dogs

Guide dogs and assistance animals are allowed access, providing they have the corresponding official badge.

Loan of walking sticks with seats and wheelchairs

People visiting the museum may request a wheelchair or walking stick with seat at reception, if they so wish, to assist them in their tour of the Museum. This service is subject to availability at the time of the visit.

Accessible rest rooms

Adapted rest rooms on the ground floor of the building, duly indicated on the map.


All the lifts are accessible to people using a wheelchair and the numbers are displayed visually, in relief and in braille.

Car park

The Museum does not have a car park. However, there is a limited number of parking spaces in the immediate vicinity that are reserved for people with reduced mobility who have the appropriate badge. Please notify the Museum at least 24 hours in advance, on our visitor service line (943 00 88 40), to arrange entry and exit.

Adapted vehicle access

In certain cases, access to vehicles that are adapted for use by people with functional diversity may be authorised up to the Aldamar park esplanade, where the main entrance to the Museum is located. Please notify the Museum at least 24 hours in advance, on our visitor service line (943 00 88 40), and please note this is only for the purposes of dropping off and picking up users.

Access to the building and movement around the Museum

The building's main entrance is accessible and has no slopes. Also, the spaces inside the Museum have no architectural barriers. There is only one point where it is necessary to alter the usual route, and this is duly  signposted on the map.



Accessible activities

With the objective in mind of meeting the requirements of the largest possible number of collectives, and making the Museum and its contents accessible to them, particularly in the case of those who, due to their specific dynamics, may find it difficult to access the exhibition in its entirety, the Museum offers a range of resources and ways to enjoy the visit. MORE INFORMATION