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Fashion and Heritage. Cristóbal


Fashion and Heritage, a quasi-impossible dialogue pitting the the ephemeral against permanence, whose relevance stems from the current moment, as opposed to receiving value from the past. This conversation flows, however, when the topic at hand is Cristóbal Balenciaga.

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Professional courses

Haute Couture tailoring techniques



The programme content proposes an approximation to the specific methods used in the tailoring ateliers of the Balenciaga House and will, specifically, look at how to make certain elements of a check wool jacket. 

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Workshops for families

(U)topian Silhouettes

This initiative will take a closer look at the meaning of the term silhouette in order to recognise the transformations experienced by the body depending on the garments covering it. Discovering the actions of garments on corporal forms and understanding their meanings are some of the experiences encompassed by the activity. Families will create new silhouettes based on an original method created by the surrealists and based on the old pastime Consequences.

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