Sketches from the House of Balenciaga (1943-1964)

The exhibition showcases the work process at the House of Balenciaga during the mid-20th century through 120 drawings and documents from the Riva Collection housed at the Historical Archive of the Basque Country.

In addition to sketches by several designers using a variety of techniques, the exhibition features private documents and handwritten notes by Cristóbal Balenciaga, illustrating his constant engagement in all aspects of the design process, from the conceptualization and execution of the designs to the presentation and commercialization of the collections.

The selected items constitute a representative sample of the over 8,000 items in the collection acquired by the Basque Government from Italian designer Lorenzo Riva in 2022.

Through the exhibition, the organizers hope to showcase the historical significance of the collection, highlight its origin, and share the beauty of the master’s legacy with the public.

Coorganizer: Historical Archive of the Basque Country.