Balenciaga and Elcano. Combined guided tour

This combined experience allows you to discover the character and the cultural legacy associated with Cristóbal Balenciaga and Juan Sebastián Elcano. A guided tour to the centre dedicated to the designer as well as to the old part of Getaria, which gives visitors a more in-depth view of these two natives of this town and to its cultural landscape.

Dates: The 2nd (Spanish), 16th (Basque), and 30th (Spanish) of July, and the 13th (Basque) and 27th (Spanish) of August.

Time: 4pm

No. of people: At least 4 and up to 10

Price: 15 euros per person

Booking Payment and booking must be made in advance. Bookings must be made by the day before each visit (2pm). If the minimum number of participants set is not reached, anyone who has booked will be notified of its cancellation and the new date or refund of the amount paid, as applicable.

Notification of cancellation of the visit will not incur any charge if done more than 48 hours before the start of the visit. No payment already made will be refunded if cancellation takes place within a shorter timeframe.

For more information:

+34 943 00 88 40