The Cristóbal Balenciaga Museum develops an ambitious programme of exhibits and events aimed at raising the profile of Cristóbal Balenciaga, highlighting his important role in the history of fashion and design, and his legacy on today's world of fashion. The exhibitions will be accompanied by other events such as classes, lectures and educational workshops geared to different audiences and aimed at enhancing the museum visit.

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Cristóbal Balenciaga. Fashion and Heritage


Fashion and Heritage mantain a pardoxical dialogue that contrast the ephemeral with the permanent. 
This dialogue is embodied by Cristóbal Balenciaga. 

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Workshops for families


This initiative gives participating families a closer look at the “Cristóbal Balenciaga. Fashion and Heritage” exhibition by playing a gymkhana-type game where they must complete a series of activities helping them to improve their knowledge and skills. Are you up for it?

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Como apoyo al emprendizaje y a los creadores locales, el museo cederá por tercer año consecutivo un espacio expositivo en el museo –show room- para  emprendedores y marcas locales de accesorios de moda, de forma que obtengan visibilidad y venta en depósito de productos con respecto al público internacional con sensibilidad a la moda que visita el museo. 

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