Tranpola / “Txilin hotsak” Theatre

Ane Gebara and Josune Vélez de Mendizabal are two names, two surnames, two women, performing arts enthusiasts and creators. Both started out on their journey four years ago: Ane as a storyteller and Josune, working with theatre through the body. They met Metrokoadroka Kolektiboa along the way and created “TXILIN HOTSAK” together with the TRANPOLA theatre group. The collaboration between both companies led to the creation of a performance piece full of absurd humour.

Date: 30 July

Time: 7.30pm

Aimed at: General public

Location: The Museum function room

Language: Basque

Price: Free entry

Limited capacity. Advance booking required

Synopsis Yolanda sets sail with two jars. She sets off, their jingling echoing around her. These jars will be her companion as she makes her way to her destination. Empty jars full of flavour, colour and scent. This might seem like the beginning of a nice little story ... but things are not about how they start but how they end. A 20-minute explosion of absurd humour.

Online booking:

Tickets for the show must be booked in advance as audience capacity is limited due to the current extraordinary restrictions. Tickets can be purchased at the following LINK ( Given the capacity limitation, please notify us if you are unable to attend the event to allow other people who are interested to attend.

Free places will be allocated on the day solely and exclusively if ticket-holders do not turn up and according to capacity availability.

For further information:

943 00 88 40