Towards an ethics of fashion. Challenges and advances

Within this framework and as part of the programme of the University of the Basque Country, the Museum is presenting the 3rd Cristóbal Balenciaga Summer Course, a project that aspires to become an annual event to train professionals linked to the world of fashion.

Date: 5 july

Place: Cristóbal Balenciaga Museum 

Limited places. Registration required.



Fashion, as an active, heterogeneous and relational phenomenon, converges with society, culture and economy. Thus, it generates questions that can relate to its whole chain: design, production, commercialisation, communication, preservation.

In recent years, and given the growing attention and analysis it receives from the academic and social sectors, added to the increasingly greater awareness and active role played by the consumer, the fashion industry has set about reviewing its policies on the working conditions of its workers, the sustainability of its production processes, the environment or animal rights. Similarly, the conceptual and expression vectors of fashion design are promoting a growing debate on the issues that the fashion system itself may reproduce, such as discrimination for reasons of gender or sexual orientation, race, body type, class or age, etc.


1. Provide a context for the areas, factors, subjects, topics and production, commercial, sociocultural, environmental and creative processes addressed by today’s ethical policies and perspectives on the subject of fashion.

2. Examine the new paradigms, as well as the challenges, obstacles and objectives corollary to these, that the questioning and ethical demands made by contemporary society are raising in the fashion industry, the consumer and their interaction.

3. Provide a vision of specific measures and innovations -research, actions and experiences- currently being adopted both by the design and the entrepreneurial practice of fashion, in order to respond to the ethical transformations demanded by society and government regulations.


The course aims to provide an overall view on the encounters currently being developed by fashion towards ethics and its confluences with society and the environment.

The course programme, running over a full day, will include three papers and a round-table with three prestigious experts: two international and one national. Overall, we will look at theoretical content, case studies and current, relevant experiences affecting the matters tackled by this initiative. 

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