International Museum Day

With the theme “Museums for equality: diversity and inclusion”, International Museum Day aims to serve as a rallying point for celebrating the diversity of perspectives making up the museum communities, advocating tools to achieve universal access to objects, their histories and interpretations, and to the people who are part of them. 

It is therefore a great pleasure for us to invite you to our exhibition “Cristóbal Balenciaga, Fashion and Heritage” without having to leave your home and offering an immersive experience enabling you to explore the rooms of the museum and the objects they contain. 

The outbreak of COVID-19 and the resulting lockdown have obliged us to adapt the format for 2020 and in the museum community we have decided to use digital activities to promote the values of IMD while guaranteeing the safety of the public and of the museum staff. 

The exhibition presents, in chronological order, a selection of articles by Cristóbal Balenciaga ranging from his early days, with works even pre-dating the establishment of his first business in 1917, until 1968, the date on which he announced his retirement from the world of haute couture and the closure of his salons. 

Its intention is to reflect, based on the Museum’s collection, the progressive evolution of Balenciaga’s technique and aesthetics over five decades, highlighting his revolutionary contributions and explaining why his creations have transcended the concept of fashion to become the heritage they are today. 

The exhibition also combines constant bibliographic references, given that on this 125th anniversary of the fashion designer’s birth the idea is also to present Cristóbal as a person, the man who preferred prestige to fame, through hitherto unseen images and personal objects. 

A project by the Cristóbal Balenciaga Museum, curated by Igor Uria, with the collaboration of Judith Clark. 

Have a great International Museum Day