The Process

The participating students will travell to Getaria with their professors to discover the legacy of Cristóbal Balenciaga by directly studying the creator’s work at his Museum, and accessing the archive of his collections to analyse a selection of representative pieces reflecting his technique and creative capacity.

The participants subsequently will developed at their schools, over a period of two months, as an individual project, their own process of research and creation, the results of which take the shape of an outfit inspired in the knowledge acquired.

The looks resulting from the process will be assessed both by their professors and by those responsible for the project at the Museum, making a final selection of creations for their exhibition in Getaria next 2021.

  • The Process - 1
  • The Process - 2
  • The Process - 3
  • The Process - 4
  • The Process - 5
  • The Process - 6
  • The Process - 7
  • The Process - 8
  • The Process - 9
  • The Process - 10
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  • The Process - 12

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