Getaria es un pequeño y bonito municipio costero de gran atractivo turístico.

Getaria, with 2,628 inhabitants (2009 census, is a small but beautiful coastal town that attracts a number of tourists. Only 29 kilometers from the provincial capital Donostia-San Sebastian, it is located in the Urola Kosta district of Gipuzkoa, including the towns of Orio, Zarautz, Aia and Zumaia. This enclave is formed of impressive eroded hillsides that constitute a geological phenomenon known as flysch.

Traditionally, Getaria has been a town of fishermen, seamen and legendary sailors such as Juan Sebastian Elcano, the first to sail around the world. The locality boasts an important historical heritage and the natural environment is also highly attractive; it is made up of rural neighborhoods that constitute an idyllic balcony over the Bay of Biscay.

Discover the legacy of Cristóbal Balenciaga in his birthplace. The museum dedicated to the haute couture master shows his best creations in the town of Getaria, famous for its landscape and cuisine.


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The museum does not have its own parking service for visitors.
Visitors can park in the vicinity:
Getaria Port. Municipal parking spaces, metered during the summer period. 
Sahatsaga Street Public Parking. How to get there: N-634, GI-3391, Erruera kalea and Sahatsaga Kalea. 


Aldamar parkea 2 20808 GETARIA, Gipuzkoa
T. (+34) 943 14 09 57


Euskadiko Kirol Portua
T. +34 943 89 61 29